How do you find gratitude in a world of never-ending suffering?  How do you find gratitude in your own life if you live with the chaos of anxiety, depression and panic disorders?

Finding gratitude is a journey as individual to each of us just as our lives are uniquely different.  For me,  when I could easily be consumed by my limitations or simply by the news cycle, I like to check in and make a dedicated effort to see things with a grateful heart.

Some days it’s easy to feel grateful.  I may have accomplished a goal, had a pleasant conversation with someone I love, or enjoyed a moment of calm and clarity.  On bad days, when everything seems to feel off, whether depressed or hyper anxious, it’s harder to feel grateful. Oftentimes, on hard and challenging days, I need a gentle push back into the here and now to remind me to just be grateful for being exactly as I am. I think it’s those days when I consciously seek to find a moment of bliss and beauty that the feeling of gratitude feels more poignant.

Quietly, I acknowledgement that others are also suffering and that everyone is on their own journey, following their path, enduring their own pain,  and walking with their own demons.  It’s while in this repose that I can connect with the universe, nature, and all of humanity, sharing my thoughts and healing energies.  What I ask of the universe for myself, I ask for all those who suffer.  I find comfort in this continuing circle of energy and in the warmth of it’s flowing gratitude.

Just as you share in suffering, you can share in the joy of all that surrounds you.  Take at least a few moments each day to pause and feel what is around you.  What makes you smile?  What stirs your heart? What do you find beautiful and special? What are you grateful for today?

Today,  I am grateful for this blog and my ability to let words flow as both an aid to my healing and as an outlet for creativity.  I am grateful that my feelings go forth into the universe as energy to be shared.

Love, light & peace…..always