Scaffolding of Life

Akin to erecting scaffolding we construct our lives layer by layer.  Steel supports, wooden planks, built higher and higher.  Attaining goals, homes, material goods, and careers.  We do our best to control all aspects of our environment.

Scaffolding looks stronger than it actually is.  It can’t support too much weight. It’s wooden planks will buckle.   It’s structure cannot be pushed or rocked.  The movement of change will cause it to fall.

Similarly, the structure of our lives is not as secure as we think it is.  Our structure is ill prepared for a tremor much less a cataclysmic earthquake that would bring our life’s scaffolding tumbling down.

Challenges, illnesses,  losses, and changes are the earthquakes that can bring our carefully built lives crumbling down.  It can leave us in a helpless heap, but instead of wood and metal, we are left in a heap of trauma, grief, anxiety, fear, and physical ailments. Life is not predictable or controllable.

The ultimate fallacy is the illusion of control.  We can not control what life has in store for us.  All we can do is repeatedly rebuild the wreckage left in its wake to the best of our abilities.


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