Give Us The Tools & We’ll Finish The Job

Churchill’s famous quote from an equally famous speech to the United States during World War II.  Britain needed weapons and supplies to keep up the fight against the Axis powers.  Alone against the darkness they stood valiantly; yet they could only finish the job with help from their allies.

How hard it must have been for the mighty British Empire to ask for help. It’s a common theme throughout history and one that also resonates on a personal level.  I ask my mother, who passed away last year, for help often.  Like Churchill, my mother was a pillar of strength and determination.

My problems go deeper than grief and have been around for more years than I care to count. But when times are especially tough my mother’s strength is the tool I seek to help me finish the job of getting through the challenges of the day.

In my grief I cry; give me an ounce of your strength to make it through this day!   The strength I draw from her carries me though the darkest days of depression, the most virulent panic attacks, and haunting PTSD flashbacks.

I am not fighting a global war in the traditional sense; but if my body and mind are the world then I am indeed fighting battles on a scale of a great war.  


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