The Tear of a Soul

Photo credit: Dieter G @ Pixabay

A swell rises
A tear falls slowly from my eye
Pausing to wait for the one behind
They fall together
Flowing like a river
I cry for what I can not have
For what once was and for what is lost
Where does happiness reside
Why is it just beyond my reach
Ever teasing
Ever taunting
A glimpse
A taste of what can be
Pulled away
Leaving me wanting
To dream of what could be
I can taste you on my lips
The bitter taste of lost opportunity
Lost love
Lost happiness
I taste the tear of my soul
Yearning for release


9 thoughts on “The Tear of a Soul

  1. It seems wrong to “like”‘this, but the raw emotionality of this piece is so touching I feel as though I’m experiencing my own grief all over again. You have a beautiful ability to reach your reader in this way. Well done.

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    1. I am intrigued and will take a look at it tonight. A quick glance and I get the premise of the challenge but I’m challenged as to where to post to or how to do the ping back thing. Sorry, still kind of working my way through the in’s an out’s of wordpress.

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      1. I can copy both your links and insert them into my post but I don’t know how that gets the post to show up on the Punkpen blog. It’s a very confusing page to be honest. It almost is like a template. Any suggestions? Is the tall that you did?

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