I Want a New Drug

“I want a new drug
One that won’t make me sick
One that won’t make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick”……………………..

If your old enough, or into 80’s music,  you might remember the song and get the idea.  I’m going to see my PDoc on Thursday to request either a new drug or a return to my old friend Xanax.  Klonopin and I are just about at the end of our affair.

Klonopin started off with some positive results with regard to anxiety and panic.  (see prior post)  It did however, have some devastating sexual side effects.  I hoped they might improve but they did not.  In addition there are some other side effects.  A bit of apathy, irritability, and a general “I don’t care” attitude are among the most prevalent.  Taken by themselves I think I could have made this work but I can not take the sexual side effects, which may actually be contributing to the irritability, grumpiness, frustrating, and at times angry attitude I’ve developed over the last couple weeks.  These moods are also effecting the drug’s effectiveness and causing me more anxiety and even a panic attack.

I plan on asking about Xanax XR.  It says it’s a once a day pill but I’m reading a lot that says it isn’t.  I have a hard time understanding half-life, plasma level, and therapeutic dose level information so I will leave that to my doctor, who I respect and trust.  It should be an interesting conversation.  I will update in a later post.



3 thoughts on “I Want a New Drug

  1. Basically Clonopin is a response to the addictive aspects of quick acting benzodiazepines that leave the body quickly. The thinking was that a benzo that stayed in the system longer would have a longer effect and reduce the need for repeated dosing. Unfortunately both drugs are addicting and one must taper off of them.

    Benzo addiction is entirely iatrogenic and everyone who takes them and stays on them for years at a time
    will become physically addicted to them. Most shrinks know this. I take one milligram of Clonopin at night for sleep . I have for years. I prefer it to Xanax because I always felt high on Xanax. Both help with anxiety — I don’t suffer the loss of concentration that you describe on Clonopin but everyone has a different reaction to psychotropics.


    1. It’s true, everyone reacts differently to drugs. I’ll even go so far as to say one can have different reactions at different times, like I did with Lexapro. Used it years ago without incident. Most recently last year I had a bad reaction to it. Neither Xanex or Klonopin produces a high for me. I also had no problem jumping from xanex to klonopin. I’m hoping the same holds in reverse. Thanks for your comment.

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