Side Effects Include Dizziness….

Sitting here this morning and suddenly it dawned on me that more often that not I am dizzy.  Dizziness is a symptom, for me at least, of anxiety.  It is also a side effect of what seems like every drug on the market.   It is definitely a side effect of drugs used to treat anxiety, depression, and panic.

So… I feel dizzy;  does it mean I’m anxious or is it from a medication, either way, when I get dizzy it triggers anxiety, sending me into a loop.  What comes first the dizziness or the anxiety?  Sometimes its impossible to tell.


3 thoughts on “Side Effects Include Dizziness….

  1. It is good that you’re on medication. I have heard that they have terrible side effects. Do you have someone to talk to when you feel like you’re going into the loop?


    1. Yes, thanks. I’m ultra sensitive to meds so I tend to take only whats necessary to help me. Everyone responds differently to each medication, it can be hit or miss, and some do have some awful side effects.

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