Stray thoughts

Like many people with anxiety issues my brain never stops thinking, planning, rehearsing, and re-thinking.  It’s a never-ending onslaught of worrying thoughts about virtually anything.  Just like hearing the music of each car stopped at a traffic light; my mind can play a chorus of random thoughts.  Single out any one thought stream and I can be off on an obsessive roller coaster; riding it up and down until I’m begging, who my mind pictures as a sinister carnival ride master, to let me off.

If I’m lucky I can get off the coaster without to much time being spent on it.  Time is impotent within the mind so all this can happen in a few minutes or a few hours. It’s exhausting and invisible to the outside observer.  No one knows what’s transpired.

I try and temper this condition by practicing different therapies.  Mindfulness, meditation, calming music, journaling, and inspirational podcasts are my favorite and most effective remedies.


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