The first post…

The first blog post….  Is the first one going to be the hardest?  I really have no idea where to start or how to do it.  I’m not ready to publicly share too many personal details of my life; it feels a little strange to me.  I’ve always been a private person, so thrusting myself into a public forum, whether or not anyone even looks, is a leap for me.

As I said I have my share of formal diagnosis codes, a virtual alphabet soup, but presently my most challenging are depression, anxiety, and panic attacks (with agoraphobia).  Yum, makes it sound like ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

After two and a half days of pretty solid crying spells I’ve finally left the house today.  I have a song to share if I can figure it out. ( click just in front of the “c” in click ) Anyway, I did get out and it felt good to have accomplished something, even something as small as going to the store and washing the car.

More importantly, after two days of feeling lousy and in pain I was gently reminded that we are never alone.  Many people have similar or bigger problems and it’s easy to become detached from life and lost in our own sorrow.   It was nice to be there for someone with similar issues.  Connecting in this way helped me as much as or more than I helped her by listening.

It makes me think that as much as we self isolate, I think we really want someone there, if for no other reason than just to listen, hold hands, or maybe just simply be in the same room for a while, so as not to feel alone.






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