Mind Detox

I  thought I would share something I listened to in a podcast.  I forget which podcast so I can’t give credit but it was basically touting the advantages of a mind detox.  Just as you would deliberately detox your body and eliminate toxic, processed, unhealthy foods, you can detox your mind by eliminating toxic input.  Some of the things worth disconnecting from are your cell phone, social media, and even news and current events. (your phone can tell you how your time spent on what)   If something really important happens in the world, or locally, you’ll certainly hear about it anyway.

The less bad or useless information entering the mind the better.  The mind processes all the information, and emotions arise from things well out of our control or from things that are just plain inane.  I mean, haven’t you found yourself aggravated or had negative thoughts over a Facebook post?

Try it and see: disconnect, and spend time with someone you care about, talk on the phone, read a book, or journal.


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