A Beginning

I titled this blog “demons by my side” because I think we all walk through life with demons. They are different for everyone; mine are anxiety, panic, and depression. Which is active at any given time varies, just as they vary in intensity. Sometimes they sing in chorus by my side, other times one is silent and another more active.

I am not sure how this blog will shape up or what it will become. I started it as an outlet for myself, both as a pseudo journal and as creative outlet of sorts. Since this is all new to me I have no idea how personal I will get, but it is my hope that something I write or post might benefit someone.  Anyone who struggles daily with their personal demons should know they are not alone. I have found many resources and continue to find pearls everywhere I look. Maybe I will drop a few pearls of my own…. stay tuned, and I welcome any and all feedback.


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